Saturday, November 8, 2008

Always, Always Wait on the Floating Continent

Damn, it's been a while. I had originally planned on making as many posts on this blog as I could, but that broke down, and then I didn't have much to write about, then I forgot about it, etc. etc. Regardless, I still like the format of this site and I enjoy reading what I've written, so I will try to continue to do it when I can.

So I've played a few games since my last post. I never beat Shiren, as I got to a point where my weapons were so awesome that if I lost them, I would literally break my DS - that, and I got bored with it. Shadowrun remains uncompleted as well, since I got to a point where I had to grind levels to keep going, and it wasn't fun anymore.

Since my last post, I've played quite a few games. I downloaded and beat Mega Man 9 and Shining Force 2 on my Wii, both of which are some of my favorite games of all time (Mega Man 9 is without a doubt my favorite Mega Man game ever). I've picked up Smash Bros Brawl again because I've met a bunch of guys who play the crap out of it, and I can hang with them for the most part. I just picked up Wario Land: Shake It! as well, and I am enjoying that so far. I also own Guitar Hero 1, 2, and 3 for the PS2 and I can beat them all (save for a few songs on 3) on Hard and can do okay on Expert. I picked up Dragon Quest 4 and got to the third chapter and I stopped playing because I just can't get into it yet. And I also picked up Final Fantasy VI for my SNES (as I'm sure you're aware, it's called 3 on the cartridge itself).

I've been dying to play this game again for a couple years now. The first time I played through it, I let Shadow die, missed three characters (I never ONCE had Mog!), and missed a ton of espers (how I made it to Kefka and beat him without Ultima/Meteor/etc. I will never know). I'm going to try to complete it as best I can, and I am well on my way. I am in the World of Ruin, have all the characters - including Shadow! - and am now level grinding and teaching all the spells in the game to all the characters before I go take on Kefka. I've had a blast so far, and it's reminded me why VI is my favorite Final Fantasy.

It's just so damned refined. Everything works smoothly, from the battle load times to the snappy action contained within; if I want to summon an esper, it doesn't take a minute and a half to load the animation - it's quick! And while random battles can be tedious, they aren't so bad that they make the game unplayable. The story remains great, and I am definitely enjoying the World of Ruin quite a bit more now that I know where I should go to get characters, items, etc. And of course, the music remains fantastic.

Anyway, that's enough for now - hopefully I'll post again soon about Wario Land or FFVI. Here's hoping I don't let the blog be idle again for 4 months.